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Eco-friendly, easy to use natural dye extracts, buy them here.

Our extracts come in powder form and are:

  • non-hazardous and non-toxic

  • water extracted and made of 100% natural plant material

  • no chemicals added during the manufacturing process

  • 100% safe for you and the environment

These exciting Eco-friendly natural dyes are concentrated, inter-mixable and provide all the colour possibilities of natural dyes with the ease and convenience of chemical dyes without the hazards.

Dyes with a Heart

 Coming soon - new dye kits!

Monthly Specials For March

Annatto 25g
25g Annatto.Orange and peach colours.Annatto is produced from the reddish pulp surrounding the seeds of the achiote (Bixa orellana).  It has many other uses including adding colour to cheese, margarine, butter, rices, smoked fish and custard....

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